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New course from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University focuses on Transportation Design for China
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More information on the 2012 'Global' Chevrolet Malibu, launched at the New York and Shanghai Auto Shows as well as via a facebook feed
Another variation on the hotly anticipated Toyota FT-86 platform debuts at the New York Auto Show in the form of the Scion FR-S concept
DesignworksUSA is set to open a new studio in the heart of Shanghai The move aims to help the brand's understanding of its biggest market
A seven-seat antidote to the 'ho-hum' nature of other luxury crossover vehicles
A collaboration between Shanghai GM and PATAC, the Envision is Buick's entry into the hotly contested Chinese crossover segment
Two concepts from Suzuki made their debut at the New York Auto Show. One environmentally conscious, the other, not so much
Ford's 'workhorse' receives a ground-up refresh, seeing improved comfort levels inside and a more masculine exterior
First concept from Volvo under Geely sees a return to 'siimplistic Scandinavian design.' The Concept Universe highlights the next range topping sedan
Second, final and no less thought-provoking day of IM's 2011 China conference
Debuting in Shanghai is the latest addition to the DS range from Citroën, the DS5
The next generation 'New Beetle' has been unveiled ahead of its Shanghai debut
The 2011 Car Design Awards competition winners are announced at the ceremony at the Shanghai auto museum, China
Over 300 industry delegates gathered for the opening day of the annual Interior Motives conference, which this year takes place in Shanghai, prior to the opening of the international auto show on Tuesday.
Another reveal from Subaru, another teased side profile
A roofless version of Ercole Spada's 2007 Codatronca Coupe, the Monza is an exclusive, lightweight powerful machine
The Luxgen Neora is an answer to sustainable personal transport, offering a plethora of technologies and refinements in a free flowing body
Hybrid Crossover concept from Peugeot is solely designed in China and plays to the market demand for such vehicles
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