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In-depth Design Reviews of new concept and production vehicles

Design Development stories showing the behind-the-scenes development of concept and production vehicles

Interviews with leading designers

Extensive photo galleries from major auto shows with high-resoluton photo downloads

Membership allows you to enjoy the full benefits of Car Design Info, with its unique focus on providing automotive designers, design students and enthusiasts with the information and inspiration they need. Car Design Info is specifically for automotive designers and those studying to become automotive designers. Our focus is design.

Paid Membership benefits include:

  • Premium content feature articles such as our exclusive Design Development and Design Reviews of new concept and production vehicles by industry experts
  • Access to all videos
  • Access to Photo Galleries featuring thousands of high quality photos from major international auto shows and design exhibitions
  • High-resolution (1600x1200) photo downloads in the auto show galleries and news stories, as well as access to popup larger images in all stories
  • Access to Studio Photos library of high-resolution reference images to purchase at discounted prices and download

Paid Membership levels:

  • Individual: £85 per year (Approx Euro 105 / US$155)
  • Studio (up to 20 user licences): £595 / Euro 795 / US$995/yr
  • Large Studio: £2250 / Euro 2995 / US$4000/yr
  • Design School: £1100 / Euro 1495 / US$1995/yr
  • Student: £45 per year (Approx Euro 60 / US$85)

Please note, students should be enrolled in a full-time education course and we will require the name of the design school or institution when you register online.

Membership payments can be made by credit card, using our secure online payment system.

Becoming a Member

To become a member, you first need to register on the site. This is free:

Go to Individual Member Registration

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If you are already registered on the site and want to upgrade to paid membership:

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Group Membership

For students, please contact your course leader or university librarian who can purchase paid membership for your school.

For professional designers, please contact your studio administrator who can purchase paid membership for your studio.

Further information on group membership from multimembers@cardesigninfo.com  

Interior Motives magazine

Interior Motives is the print complement to Car Design Info. Every quarter this magazine takes an in-depth look at the most important concepts and production cars from the previous three months.

Superb photography, exclusive sketches and insightful text bring the design processes and technologies – at both OEMs and Tier suppliers – into sharp focus.

Car Design Info is proud to step out of the computer screen and on to high-grade paper with a magazine that celebrates the very best in interior design.

View sample pages of Interior Motives

You can subscribe to Interior Motives along with your first or renewal membership of Car Design Info for a rate which delivers one of these services at half price. That’s £125. Or you can subscribe to the magazine alone at £80. The options are:

Car Design Info membership with option to add Interior Motives magazine

Interior Motives magazine only

You can imagine the work that goes into creating the site and supplying consistent, high quality design coverage. Our aim is to provide even more, better and faster content into the future.

We thank you all for supporting Car Design Info.

The Car Design Info team