If you are having problems using the site, it is important to note whether the problem is in initial registration on the site, logging in, or in accessing members content once you have logged in.

Registration Problems

When registering, if you see an error message "The username that you selected already exists", this usually means you have already registered. Enter your email address in the password reminder form below to have your password sent to you. You can then login using your email address and password.

Login Problems

if you see an error message "Either your user name or password was incorrect", check that your username (email address) is the same address you registered with (check the registration confirmation email).

Check that you are entering the username and password in the correct case (both username and password are case-sensitive).

If you are an individual member and you need to confirm your password, use the password reminder form below. Group ID users should check with their studio administrator.

Content Access Problems

You may find you can login, but not access members stories or other members-only functions. Your paid membership may have expired. For individual members, go to your Profile page to check your membership status. Group ID users should check with their studio administrator.

Before contacting us for support, please note whether you are confirmed as logged in on the homepage, note the exact error messages you see, and on what page you see them. The more details you can tell us, the faster we can help you. You can contact us at support@cardesigninfo.com

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, please enter your email address below to have your password emailed to your registered email address.