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The 2008 contest is now finished with all finalists' and winners' work published in the Gallery, and with a story published on the same day - 2nd July - about the final stages.

We look forward to bringing you more information soon about the 2009 contest!

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Q: When will this contest start and finish?
A: On Wednesday 16th January 2008 when the contest brief and all other contest details are announced. It finishes with the finalists entry deadline on Wednesday 28th May 2008 - but the initial deadline for entries is Wednesday 26th March 2008.

Q: What is this contest?
A: This is the first Car Design Info contest, and is to design a car to fit with a unique lifestyle scenario brief that will be announced on the 16th January 2008.

Q: What is a "unique lifestyle scenario brief"?
A: It is a design brief presented in the form of an illustrated scenario - pictures and description - of some aspects of a fictional person's life (see Brief). 

Q: What is a Millenniumite?
A: "Millenniumite" is a term invented by Car Design Info as a name for people born in the year 2000. It is derived from the word millennium that means a thousand years.

Q: Who can take part?
A: Professional designers and students of design in two separate categories. The Professional Designer category includes anyone who works as a designer, the Student Designer category is only for those enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or postgraduate design related degree course as of 16th January 2008.

Q: Can I submit hand drawn sketches?
A: No, this contest is exclusively for digital designs (see Entry Submissions).

Q: What format of digital design programmes can I use?
A: Any digital design programme can be used as entry submissions are in the form of a "snap shot" of the digital model. However, finalists will be provided with AliasStudio in which their design entry must then be developed further prior to final entry submission, and so it is highly recommended that digital design software used for initial entries be compatible with AliasStudio.

Q: What are the prizes?
A: Autodesk DesignStudio Commercial - worth approximately US$7000 Euros, US$2000 in cash and 12 months individual membership of Car Design Info for both professional designer category winner and student designer category winner. Winners and the top ten finalists of each category will also have their work shown in the CDN Contest on-line gallery and have their work seen by several of world's top international car designers (see Judges).

Q: Can we have two or more people collaborating on an entry?
A: No, no group projects or joint projects are permitted, only individual work may be submitted.

Q: Can I enter more than one design?
A: No, only one entry per person will be accepted.

Q: Can I update my entry once I've submitted it?
A: No, entries cannot be accessed for up-dates after submission, but all finalists will be expected to up-date and generally develop further their design entry after they have been selected.

Q: How large and what format should my uploaded images be? 
A: Images should be no larger than 2MB in size and should be up-loaded in JPEG or GIF or TIF file formats.

Q: How does the judging work?
A: See Assessment Process

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