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The 2008 contest is now finished with all finalists' and winners' work published in the Gallery, and with a story published on the same day - 2nd July - about the final stages.

We look forward to bringing you more information soon about the 2009 contest!

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Qing Sun getting ready for her day at work in Shanghai
Qing Sun getting ready for her day at work in Shanghai
Luana at home, in her car and out and about in Rio de Janeiro
Luana at home, in her car and out and about in Rio de Janeiro
Sanjay chilling out after work in New Delhi
Sanjay chilling out after work in New Delhi
Lifestyle Design Brief: A car for Millenniumites...

Shanghai, China. 08:19 Monday 17th January 2028
Qing Sun is getting ready for the day in her new studio apartment. She checks her air plants, makes a cappuccino-only breakfast (a legacy from her Parisian student days) and takes it with her in the car. As soon as she's in, she calls her mother in San Francisco - it's the only time she can catch up with her. On some days though, she gives a fellow member of the "Rickshaw Club" a ride to help her reduce her congestion charge. Whilst she wants to do this, in her car she always feels obliged to chat to this stranger because they sit right beside her - she wished there was a way she could be more separated from them on her forty minute commute.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 21.19 Sunday 16th January 2028
Luana is setting off home after an evening out with her members of her Reiki class. She peers at her face in the mirror and touches her temple implant that is just connecting to the car systems. Gunning the car away from the park-house, her transmitted messages fade almost immediately they load onto the dashboard membrane as the carbon-meter becomes more prominent. Thinking of her offset account, which neutralises her energy use as part of her "no footprint" lifestyle, she decides not to play ‘city race' - where nearby people in their cars compete to make the fastest across-a-zone journey. If only her car was lighter so that it would produce less carbon dioxide whilst going a bit quicker.

New Delhi, India Monday 05.51 17th January 2028
Sanjay uses his PDA to temporarily turn off the digital advertisement for an up-market, British-style fish & chip restaurant that his car is showing this week. It might be a bit cheeky having this ad on while he is parked outside of the 24 hour sushi-burger bistro where he and a colleague are eating. After years in America he misses having more road space and wished cars were easier to see out of without the insecure feeling of being very visible to other road users. Sanjay leans back to grab his bag and catches a whiff of his household recycle box, which reminds him that he has to drop it off before he picks up his Dad and puts their two mountain bikes on the back of the car for their ride after his night at work.

Millenniumites - people born around the year 2000 - lead international lives, have "green" values embedded in the way they think, expect to be able to always connect to the virtual world, and inhabit a non-stop 24/7 real world where-ever they are. Each of our Millenniumites - Qing Sun, Luana and Sanjay - need a new car that must be compact, seat at least two, provide a private space to communicate in, feel secure on congested streets, and assert their status as independent, trend leading and "green" minded young professionals.

The brief for the 2008 Car Design Info Contest is to design a car for these Millenniumites and the way they use their cars as described here. Please see Information, Entry Submissions, Assessment Process for further important details about the contest.

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