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The 2008 contest is now finished with all finalists' and winners' work published in the Gallery, and with a story published on the same day - 2nd July - about the final stages.

We look forward to bringing you more information soon about the 2009 contest!

SABIC Innovative Plastics, a new business addition to SABIC that focuses on the global growth of thermoplastics and engineering plastics through innovation to serve the automotive industry.

Autodesk® AliasStudio™ software is a complete set of tools for the creative design process, helping companies create superior designs-which drives superior business.

Assessment Process

The Car Design Info team recognise the time and effort entrants put into their designs. For this reason we have developed this thorough assessment process to help ensure the judging of design entries is done as fairly and appropriately as possible.

Design entries will be assessed on each of the criteria listed below, with a mark given out of the value displayed adjacent to the criteria. The different values against different criteria show how each criteria is weighted differently according to their relative importance.

Thus, a design will attain a value between 0 and 30 for how well it suits the lives of Qing Sun, Luana and Sanjay in 2028, and a value between 0 and 10 for how expressive and attractive the design work is. 

The sum of all assessment values for a given design entry will give a value between 0 and 100 which will be the final assessment value for that entry. Out of all design entries, those with the 10 highest assessment values from both professional designer entries, and the 10 highest assessment values from student designer entries, will be selected to go through to final judging after further development.

• Suits the lives of Qing Sun, Luana and Sanjay: 30

• Unique and appealing concept: 20

• Attractive and "green" aesthetic: 20

• Innovative functional and glazing design solutions: 10

• Well resolved detail design and surfacing: 10

• Expressive and attractive design work: 10

The initial judging process in late March in will take place in London with two representatives from Car Design Info, one representative from contest sponsor SABIC Innovative Plastics, and one representative from contest sponsor Autodesk. Professor Dale Harrow, Course Director of the Vehicle Design post graduate course at the Royal College of Art, will also be part of this judging panel to further ensure fairness.

The initial judging process will select 10 professional designer entries and 10 student designer entries. The finalists will then be issued with trail Alias Studio software to use to develop their design entries further. These will then be submitted for final assessment only by the international senior designer judging panel (see Judges) using the same assessment criteria and process detailed above.

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